Lyrical rap just ain’t been the same…and I know that.

That’s why it’s up to the indie artists to keep it locked and loaded! If I can do my part for the HipHop community, that’s all the blessing I need! Plus I got the homies out here to! #Spotify #YouTube #SoundCloud #AppleMusic

“I’ve always thought that dreams were a sign of reality, you gotta chase it to make it”- KaosTheRapper

Music is about lyrics

when did we lose sight of that?

“One thing about the formula of music is that its structured for a reason. Without the key ingredients, you wont have a good soup. I find alot of modern mainstream music is less about the ingredients, and more about the flair”

Oh…and Im just a LITTLE bit crazy...just a tad.

You know I strive to tell emotional sporadic stories that will be sure to make your mind race, if you can appreciate the effort, im sure you will find other music you love!

Come for the bars, stay for the vibe!

You can find my music on just about EVERY major platform there is! So whatever your preference is, come on lets get it! #Youtube #Spotify #AppleMusic #SoundCloud


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But who is KaosTheRapper? hmm…

Born and raised in Kitchener, ON with a love of hip hop since a young child. I started writing my own rhymes at the age of 11, and had my first (albeit, garbage) song written by the age of 12. My life was no cake-walk, and in my music you will find this out. Through years of struggle and strain, self-reflection and convincing, I have finally managed to lay my emotions down positively through song. If you battle depression, please understand that you are not alone, I am here WITH you.

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Lets go!!!!

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