Whos on the beats?

Most of the time my main homie #Theokoles does them, I enjoy browsing youtube and checking out new material on a daily basis! I have many tracks by some awesome producers as well! Dont miss out on em!

Hypnotik Prod. Pendo46

Dope beats, dope bars and nothin but love for lyrical hip hop… good time! be sure to have some fine herbal remedies to accompany your trip to Kaosland!

Chronikal’s of Chaos is a double-sided album with plenty of different tracks. Its one of my first in-store releases and reflects upon inner thought and personal experience. I have producers such as Nxnja, EpikTheDawn, and Pendo46 on here so be sure to peep it! Full album in underlined title!

They call me Moze-art…

and this is why… Theokoles on the orchestra and Kaos on the mic, this one should be replayed for maximum speaker boom. I promise you! Its the only way!

Walking Backward’s


The Juiceman

My very first album ever, with hand drawn original art by Generationunnamed! The homie @Ben Drobig is an incredible artist and highly recommended for all your artwork needs! I released this one originally back in 2020, but through release struggles and financial issues , it failed to remain. I rebooted the project as a free youtube only drop in 2021 with remixed singles, Theokoles is on this entire project! Dont miss the fuckin juiceman!

I have to many damn tracks!

but they all keep you guessing and on your toes, case and point..Scriptures. Phew. Try to keep up with this one! We had alot of fun making this track. You can almost see the ghost of moze art just sitting there…ominiously. Produced by theokoles!

Im not alone in this, my homies are here to!

Peep this banger I did with my friends @JayAmaze and @jonasbrown! So glad to get on features with fellow indie artists…hit me up if you want a feature! Im always down to collab! Rituals Ft. JayAmaze&JonasBrown prod. VGBases

Skrutiny ft. JayAmaze prod. EpikTheDawn

Tell em’ ft. Jonas Brown prod. EpikTheDawn

Were working on new music as we speak, you already know the next level is coming!

Doddlin’ prod. Theokoles

Oldschool banger from the catalogue that you must check out! its inevitable! This mf dont doddle!

…and let me reiterate it one last time. I. am. TEENY bit crazy.

but your safe….for now.

If you want more music, go check me out on streaming services everywhere! Thanks for checking out the music portal!


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